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Born in Cairo, Hady was always in love with music since his childhood. His Dj talent appeared since he was 8 years old and his only hobby was to make mix tapes from his father collection of records, growing up developing his own taste and personality in music from listening to almost each genre that he could check in the big world of music till he finally setteled and focused all his energy on the music of the future which is Electronic Music .Now he is one of the Major talents in Egypt in the Progressive House scene. His love of dance music began when he was in his early years of college. He was much into rock,gothic metal, alternative, ambient, darkwave, almost all kinds of music because he belived in the existance of a message behind each music genre which he wanted to understand and experience . At that time he was getting tired of hearing the same instruments involved in the music production over and over again. It was time for a change; it was time to look for music that have the depth and beauty of other genres but with new fresh sounds, so he started listening to masters like John Digweed, Sasha, Nick Warren , Dave Seamen and many others. It grabbed his attention, the mix of energy, emotions & feelings hidden between the beats and melodies of those great DJ`s. He kept listening to deep melodic progressive house for a while until the time came when he needed to listen to music selected and compiled only by his own taste & personality. It was then he started wanting to be a Dj. Struggling to know how to mix for about a year by himself, he felt he was improving big time and people starting telling him that he should go out with his music to the dance scene. He started throwing small private parties, inviting friends to come and spend the night dancing to his music. People who were invited to these parties all supported him and told him he should spread more because his music was unique with its depth and mix of emotions and feelings but always from a new angle,his music is always progressing towards new sounds and ideas but still maintaining the soulfull spirit. A year later after some parties and playing in small clubs for special events or occasions he decided to go with his mixes to Nile Fm. His First set there was broadcasted at 2004. It was the start of a series of beautiful deep melodic progressive house sessions mixed by him which gained the attention and respect of a lot of listeners in Egypt. Now he is back on the dance floor Spinning in bigger events along side his sessions on Nile Fm, Internet radios stations and Promotional sets.His guest mix on "Frisky Radio" recieved great feedback and was re-broadcasted several times reaching 800 listeners for each broadcast. He rocked Cairo, Agami, Nuwaiba, North Coast & Sharm El Seikh nights on several occasions in clubs like "Latex", "summer Moon","The Terminal", "Tarazzina Beach" & "Little Buddha", alongside his performances in Heineken's Thirst Competition where he was chosen as one of Egypt's Finest 12 DJ`s. . He already started sharing Dj Booth with some of the finest Producers/Dj's in the scene like "v-Sag" , Tarkan & "Ali&Fila" Be sure not to miss his monthly promo mixes speard all over the web and radio stations, also dont miss him in live action check the tour dates.
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