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I was born in 1981 as Zoltán Mészáros. I got acquainted with electronic music at a young age, and since I lived only 10 minutes away form Club Speed - famous in those times, I had the opportunity to hear all the foreign guest DJs, and the resident DJ Kühl spin quite often. Driven by these first positive encounters I started visiting more and more places, even outside the borders of Hungary, including the Berlin Love Parade on several occasions, and other major festivals, mega-party events.

Electronic music has become an important part of my life. First as a techno fan, I started collecting the great tech classics, and my turntable had the only purpose of listening to these records. When I knew all my vinyl nearly by heart, it occurred to me, that with the help of a DJ mixer I could play them in any order I like. All of a sudden I found myself buying records more often and practicing more regularly. It was then, when I decided, that this is what I wish to devote my entire life to.

The first occasion to demonstrate my talents was on a birthday party, and I received acknowledgement from friends and those at the party right away. All at once requests followed one another. Since then I've had the chance to prove my skills on numerous Debut parties, the small room of Home Club Budapest, Pacha, the Dokk Club, and I've also gained popularity in many smaller clubs all around Hungary. From 2004 I'm a resident DJ of the Coronita Club in Budapest. On the 2005 Budapest Parade, I played a set on the JustMusic FM truck, where I could test myself in front of a much larger crowd.

Due to the ongoing development of electronic music, it would be rather difficult to specify one single type which I prefer. The first major shift occurred in the very beginning of my career. With the sudden emergence of progressive music, my initial devotion to techno subsided a little; and though I still like the style itself, I started favoring lighter, perhaps more elaborate tunes instead. In the beginning I insisted on playing only the truly original progressive tunes. After gaining a little experience in the DJ profession, I've come to realize that my primary task is to follow the continuous renewal of this dynamic and constantly shaping musical genre.

With the rapid spread and increasing popularity of today's new styles in electronic music, I also endeavored to follow the new trends, in order to stay up-to-date in what my audience needs. Among others, the fresh new sets with their slamming electro sounds got me carried away, and the truth is that releases from this category dominate my collection until this day. Now, with the increasing popularity of minimal and tech-house, I believe I can still keep up the pace, and please all audiences.

Faced with this unbelievably diverse choice of new and old styles, I could always stay true to my personal taste of music. Through the years I was able to stick to my initial preference of sounds, bass-lines, and tempo, which all together provide the overall feeling reflected by each and every piece I play. And no matter what new styles may enter the scene in the future, I will always remain loyal to this trait of mine.

As for the future of my carrier, I'll try to do my best to adapt to the needs of all audiences. I wish to become an active member of the Hungarian electronic music scenery, and play more often for JustMusic FM. As all devoted DJs these days, I've also started experimenting with making my own music, which I really enjoy from the very beginning.

Whatever the future holds, I'll always be determined to improve myself, and to assure my fans that they made a right decision when they started following me.

If you've never heard me play, please do so by checking out my Promo Sets, available for download on Don't forget to post your comments on my set. I appreciate all remarks and ideas.

And don't forget to tune in to every now and then...

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No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on February 6th, 2007 and new episodes were coming out until January 6th, 2009. A total of 98 episodes of Untitled has aired on TM Radio.
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