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Kornel was born in 1983 as Kornél Halász. He began listening to the house-style quite young as well.
He experienced more styles, but at the end of 2000 he made his choice by proggy and breaks.
He played mainly on afterparties and turnouts, but he also played in the top clubs of Hungary.
He played on parties with Matthew Dekay, Steve Lawler, Oliver MacGregor, Slacker, but he also got gigs with Hungary's
most talented producers and djs, like: Kühl, Chriss, Slam Jr, Yvel & Tristan, Mannel, Snake Sedrick, Shootie (Monkz),
Andro, Lank, SanFranciscoBeat etc.
Favourite producers in these days: Transducers, Yotopia, David Amo, Julio Navas, Atmos(P)here, Inkfish, Thomas Penton,
RPO, Redkone, Sergio Fernandez, Kaiser Souzai, D-Formation, Tegma, Viscid, Slacker, Rene Amesz,
Mike Brin, Hérnan Gutmer, Python, Kobbe & Austin Leeds and many more.
His cardinal intesion is: make such quality mixes which ones can make delighted hours to all of the electronic-music-lovers out there :)
"I always delight when people come together and feel something spiritual through the music."
His mixes were played in radios all around the world (friskyRadio.com, justmusic.fm, club246.com, party107.com, etc.)
with recognition. He was one of the members who created a mix for friskyRadio loves Hungary show.
His genre is mostly pure progressive, tribal and breakbeat, but in the days he find electro-house, in moderation.
You can hear upcoming talents, and of course big names in the show every week!
No Talking, just pure electronic dance music!

email: dios0506ster@gmail.com
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