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When you think Fanciulli you naturally associate the name with one of the most exciting and dynamic individuals to have left their imprint on clubland in recent years. The exploits of a certain ClubClass resident and BBC Radio1 DJ Nic Fanciulli have been told a thousand times. However you?d be greatly mistaken to think that he is the first (and last) DJ called Fanciulli to rock clubs to their very foundations. Now it?s the turn of his younger brother Mark to come to the fore, as he becomes the latest awesome DJ to blossom from ClubClass? conveyor belt of underground talent.

Not unlike his older brother, Mark was born and bred in Maidstone and has been DJing since the age of 14. Now aged 18 he is set to unleash his style of sublime breakbeat on club nights across the length and breadth of the country. Mark primarily started out purchasing progressive house, enjoying the uplifting rifts and techy beats. However soon after he was introduced to breakbeat and showed interest instantly. This was further cemented after listening to the Stanton Warrior?s legendary Essential Mix, which Mark took inspiration from with their ability to layer music with effects to create a unique soundtrack. By employing similar techniques and purchasing deep, dark breaks, Marks personal sound was formed.

In 2002 aged only 15, Mark entered an Under 18?s DJ competition ran by DMC which attracted over 800 entrants. He progressed to the semi finals, after impressing judges such as Paul Hillyer from Cream, and in front of clubs full of 2000 crazed kids. Following the competition ClubClass invited Mark to warm up Paul Hillyer at their night, resulting in him becoming the youngest DJ to ever perform at a ClubClass event. He thoroughly impressed all those in attendance and hasn?t looked back since?

Fast-forward to 2006 and we come across the same extremely talented individual except he?s now developed a more mature attitude, both to music and DJing. It?s not rare for Mark to drop an old Kraftwerk 12? or a new acid jazz record into his set as he finds the ability to feature obscure and intelligent tracks all in the name of making his sets even more unique. Such eclecticism and open-mindedness in Mark?s DJing has helped him considerably in gaining attention and popularity and is undoubtedly one of his greatest strengths. His ability to play acid house, which he regularly blends into his set, is another key factor in making Mark stand out from the crowd.

Mark?s broken house sound has caused major waves in recent months with superb performances at the Canal Club in Wolverhampton, Godskitchen before Rui Da Silva, at Cool House?s 4th Birthday and for Futurism in Portsmouth. Probably the biggest development in Mark?s career in recent months has been the creation of ClubClass? breakbeat arm called Breakpoint for which Mark will be the figurehead and resident and for which he starred at the launch as part ClubClass 9th Birthday alongside the Stanton Warriors.

So if you thought the name Fanciulli was owned by just one tremendously charismatic, technically brilliant DJ ready to take on the world then think again. For Mark Fanciulli is here to make that two.
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