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JackHammer (aka DJ K.O) – DJ, Promoter, Designer

2004 professionally begun work and performed as a DJ
2005 performed a number of thematic Garage/House parties:
R'n'B vs Garage - Another live club, Beach Step – the beach of Petropavlovskaya Fortress (St. Petersburg) (within the framework of “Remigration” project), Swing Effect - Revolution Club,
The rare Garage – Oxygen (Vologda town) etc.
In September 2005 the label of “PRE Sound” will produce the mix DJ K.O - Nu Soul Mix.
In 2006 Kirill organized the Promo-group "Encore Tunes" and currently is the Creative Director of it. This Promo-group specializes in creating conceptual parties of European level, in organizing artist’s actions and performances in Russia and other countries, in producing image releases of ETPG’s participants. The main music styles are House and Tribal. Promo-group works in co-operation with the well-known label of Underground Music Movement (UMM).

Simultaneously Kirill performs some other thematic projects: Live Garage, Global Warming, Angelo Kovac (with DF Music Org.) etc.

Live Garage – team-project of Dj Jackhammer and Electronic Wood.
DJ set + live instruments, vocal.
The unique improvisation, which extend the art core of House&Garage music, create the incomparable soul/funk sound, abstracting the listener from traditional sensation of world. Moderate harmonies dispose to freedom of: thoughts, movements, music, colors and forms…

Kirill performed in the following clubs of St. Petersburg: Griboyedov, Led Limon, Red Club, Central Station, Oxford, Pin Up, Object, Weekend, Friday, Xijina, Port, Da Vinci, 3Z...

Participated in the following festivals: Mednoye Ozero (Brazen Lake) 2006, Love House Party (Fairway, Vibork town), Nort-West Garage Intrusion (Oxygen, Vologda town), STEPTUSIN (Griboyedov), ComeON FM etc.

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