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With more than a decade behind the turntables he is considered to be one more of the DJs chosen to be a representative of the electronic and dance club scene of Mexico. Since his beginning as a producer, he has been supported by the most important people in Mexico; like MixMix Productions, Finc, Mijangos, Mauricio Ponce, and Claudio Yarto among others.

As a resident at K-Ma Vip Dance Club, he has shared the turntables with many great DJ?s: Marcelo Castelli, Sergio Fernandez, Paco Buggin, London 909, Steveporter, Lucient Forth, Peter Bailey, Carlos Zalazar (from Javith & Zalazar), DJ Dan, Jerry Boham and Oscar G, just to name a few.

At present, Joy Marquez is part of a number of very important record labels worldwide; such as RPO Traxx, Display Recordings, Vesta Recordings, RPO Records (from Rick Pier O’neil), Distinto Records (from D-Formation) and Molacacho Records (with Willy Sanjuan)

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Participated in following shows

Pure Senses, 1 episode:

Episode (Jan 01, 2007)

Dance Anthems, 1 episode:

Episode 020 (Jul 27, 2008)
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