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 Djafar  Bulgaria

Big fan on Dark Progressive 
My name is Plamen Dimov also known as Djafar. I was born on 8th June 1982 in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have been listening to electronic music since 2004. The style I started with was Drum & Bass but it was just for a short while. A little later I began listening to Tribal Music and Progressive. I focused on D-phrag, Victor Calderone, Vesselin, DJ Paul, DJ Tarkan and many more.

A few years ago I started collecting tracks, most of which Tribal music. With the start of 2009 I made my first steps in mixing sets.

Together with Tribal I always turn to my favourite Dark Progressive style which is what I am the most deeply engaged in at the moment. When mixing or just enjoying music I also never forget about musicians as Kintar, Rex, Syle and Sobo Kliment, N-tchbl, Virusboy, K.A.N, B-twist and lots of others. I mix sets just for the fun of it, I am not a professional!

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