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 SilentRaver  Romania

Presents Mood Swings every 2nd Thursday 5-7 GMT 
Bogdan-Andrei Tabacaru, a.k.a. Silent Raver, was born on 8 February 1988, in Bucharest, Romania.

During his early school years he became very interested in music and especially electronic dance music. After a few months of listening to the classical sounds of Trance Music he began mixing his favorite songs.

In 2002, thanks to computer technology, he quickly got hold of the necessary software and turned his music-listening hobby into a music-mixing one. Shortly afterwards he started taking part in different amateur DJing competitions on the internet, a few of them on Trance Addict Forum managing a top 10 average.

During the next 4 years, having the famous Paul van Dyk and even Armin van Buuren for inspiration and reference, Silent Raver started experimenting with different sounds from different EDM genres, but still concentrated his sets on Trance Music, ranging from Progressive to Uplifting and from Tech-Trance to Hardstyle and even Hardcore.

In 2006 Silent Raver took part in the IDC (International DJ Competition) on Tribalmixes Radio. He represented Romania along with his other four team mates: DJ Edi, Oran, Dj Craftman and M@x.

With the beginning of 2007 he started paying more attention to Psychedelic, Techno, Tech-House, Progressive-House and Minimal Music. Slowly but surely he began combining these different styles with Trance Music, creating different flows of music instead of a single "mono-genred" flow.

On 18 September 2007 Silent Raver aired his first Radio Show on Tribalmixes Radio, entitled Mood Swings. It is a two hour show, consisting of a one hour mainmix and a one hour guestmix. The name of this show isn't a random one. It means that, depending of the dj's mood, the show could contain only Trance or House or Psychedelic Tunes or even combinations of these genres and/or many others.

Along side his Djing hobby, Silent Raver also began tinkering with music production softwares such as Propellerhead's Reason, Ableton Live and a little bit with Orion.

In the present time he is still recording his Radio Show, Mood Swings, and sometimes tinkering with Reason, but he mainly spends his time studying Electronics, in German, at the Politehnica University in Bucharest, Romania.

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