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 deepesns  Bulgaria

Born in the winter of 1987 in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. Even in my early childhood i was in love with the music. First i was possessed by the sound of the quitars and the rocking drums played on my dad's cassette-recorder. Then i moved my style to the light sounds of the r'n'b music and i have started producing some tracks. Aged 14, i have finally bought my first good headphones. Year or two later i have heart my first house song and i felt something, that i have never felt before. The music was running inside of my body and making my heart beats stronger. That was the real love! A real heart touching and melodic feeling, that can't be compared to anything else... The track was Sultan & Tone Depth feat. Stephanie Vezina - Broken (Stel & Goodnewz remix). That song keeps inspiring my work, which also does some of my favourite producers - Sultan, DJ Tarkan, Ned Shepard, Max Graham and many more... Influenced by the former kind of music that i have listened and the new one my present was born. An year ago I've bought my first mixer and players and the dream start to became a true... In the end, music is an experience, it is journey, it is a feeling, it is a moment, its a picture, it is a memory, it is Life...
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