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EgyptiaN, born at June 16 th of 1989, .It is hard to believe that mo discovered his love for music in his early years of 12 and from 3 years he start mixing tracks together . A few years later he started working his work as a dj .Mo has Been djing From 2006. Now at the age of 19 he is a freelancer already for 3 years Djing all across Egypt . Mo was able to make his name well known as a dj & producer and also in dance field. Even so for him it is very important to display his love of Progressive & electro house . Mo has been a Spin in the most known clubs for dance music in Egypt & Alot & Alot Of Private Events ......
Hosted show on TM Radio

Overdose Beats

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on April 10th, 2009 and new episodes were coming out until May 14th, 2009. A total of 2 episodes of Overdose Beats has aired on TM Radio.
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Session of Progression, 1 episode:

Episode (Sep 16, 2009)
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